The ability to operate and manage a business is truly a gift. I have never considered going to work as work.

-David Andrews

This country was built on risk, its founders risked everything for its creation, and our ability and freedom to create business and opportunity exists as a result of that sacrifice and risk.

-Bill Courtney

Recognizing a need and being willing to assume the necessary risk to fill it is the simplest definition of an entrepreneur.

-Daphne T. Large

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Proximity Marketing and Communications using Beacon Technology

Thursday, March 9, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CST)

Napa Cafe, 5101 Sanderlin, Suite 122

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Sridhar Sunkara loves technology strategy and innovation. With 19 years of experience under his belt, he assists businesses in understanding and creating technology strategies and road maps for various companies. This helps businesses innovate, create great user experiences, and build efficient processes, in turn helping their bottom line and paving the way for growth.

Sridhar’s love for innovation does not stop there: he co-founded Start Co. and is a Mentor for Start Co., that help emerging entrepreneurs with their start-ups to build their dream companies. Sridhar co-founded eBiz Solutions to provide innovation and technology solutions to businesses. eBiz Solutions has been recognized by Silicon Review and CIO Review magazines as Top 20 emerging companies in Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) space this year. Coming out of eBiz innovation labs he co-founded this year an Internet of Things company name ThinkProxi.

Sridhar is active in the Memphis community. He served on several boards like Clean Memphis, Common Table for Health Alliance, Sales & Marketing Society of Mid-South, Start Co., NEXUS, MPACT He is also a Mentor at NEXUS (a mentor/protégé driven leadership program). He has been through leadership programs at Leadership Memphis Executive program, New Memphis Institute, NEXUS, and Leadership Collierville. Sridhar is constantly working on ways to better the community through his technology skills.


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